Values of Immanuel Ministries
1. Christ-centred

Our lives and conduct will be in line with His Word.

We are a faith driven mission organisation.


2. The Word of God as our Final Authority.

Actively seeking direction from God's Word in our

decision making, never choosing contrary to it.


3. Prayer

Prayer is foundational in our life and ministry.

” By Prayer" we praise God, seek his direction,

request resources,and call upon the Holy Spirit

to empower our ministries.


4. Respect 

We value each individual.

We embrace and foster an environment of love,

dignity and respect towards all people.


5. Team Work

We create an environment of mutual trust,

team spirit and responsibility.


6. Accountability

We are accountable to God, to our beneficiaries,

to each other and to those who support us.


7. Willingness to Sacrifice for Christ.

Demonstrating that the Lord is worthy of any sacrifice

we may be called upon to make for Him.


8. A Spirit Controlled Life

Exercising our spiritual gifts so we can be more

effective in ministry where God has placed us.


9. Dependence

Dependence on God Evidenced by Prayer

and Living by Faith. Glorifying God and

demonstrating our dependence upon Him by

making our needs known to Him through prayer.


10. Excellence

We are committed to ongoing learning that will

continuously improve our standard.