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   Helping people in South Africa during the lock-down   


Immanuel Ministries Family Sponsor Program
We have a Family Sponsor Program.

Many people in Knysna live well below the poverty line. 
There is not enough money  to buy food and clothing
not to mention their housing.

The situations are often dire.
Immanuel Ministries has taken their fate to heart
and therefore started the Family Sponsor Program. 

"vir 25 euros" each

month you can make a difference

make for a family

Oupad and White Location

in Knysna South Africa or in Gambia

                  We have in South Africa now                      
 104  families and in Gambia 28 families

We went to Gambia again and have now started a ministry here too. We now also have food parcels for poor families here. We are waiting for a piece of land then we will also build a building in Gambia with the aim of leading people to the Lord through Word and deed 




 Church services in the building

in Oupad 



Here you see our first

mission trip to Gambia 




An overview of our work

in South Africa 




An interview from Carly
about her miraculous


Founders and leaders  
Frans and Carly Alkema 
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Both Immanuel's work
Ministries and we are personal
totally dependent on your donations.
Everything you donate to us for it
work of the Lord, goes without
some overhead costs
straight to the target
to which You have given.

" As long as you one
or the smallest of here those
My brothers do it
you did this to me"
Matthew 25:40 (The Bible)

Healing miracle of

Carly Alkema

(a creative miracle)

click on this link:

about the miraculous healing
by Carly Alkema" in the name
of the Lord Jesus"
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Yvette Makalane 
New South Africa Leader



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